Trenching investigation

trenching investigation graphic

Vacant sites accessible by digger may be suited to trenching. Trench location is designed according to mining risk andĀ for a proposed development.

Trenching allows mining features and ground conditions to be assessed. Trenching informs on Phase 2 contaminated land sampling.

The size of the machine will depend on the size and accessibility of the site.

What to expect

Equipment and Personnel

  • A digger and driver
  • A geologist and van


The location of overhead and underground services (such as gas, electricity and water) are assessed to avoid damage during investigation.

Ground conditions are observed and the digger is directed during trench excavation.

Trench depths vary by site and ground conditions. Trenches are backfilled at the end of each day.

Mining features will be recorded.

Mine waste tips or other deposited materials may require deeper excavations to be carried out.

A written report is produced within 10 working days, depending on the complexity of the site.

Our reports include plans, cross sections and trench logs.

To talk to our geologists about, or request a trenching investigation