Mining in the South West, more than just tin

A mining search in the South West?

Whether it’s bath stone in Somerset, metals and china clay in Devon and Cornwall or ball clay in Dorset, the South West has an astonishing level of mining for a wide range of minerals.

The fact that UNESCO World Heritage Site status has been granted to the Cornwall and West Devon mining landscape and the City of Bath, a product of mined bath stone, demonstrate the sheer scale of mining.

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Our mining search types in the South West:

Metalliferous (metals) mining search

Commonly we’re asked for ‘tin searches’, but our Metalliferous Mining Search covers all metals, tin, copper, lead, iron, zinc, to name a few.

Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Gloucestershire have all experienced intense metalliferous mining. In fact, Cornwall is the most mined county in the UK for metal deposits.

China and ball clay mining search

The white pits and tips of china and ball clay mining have left their mark on the Cornwall, Devon and Dorset landscape.

China and ball clay was most notably worked in the St Austell granite area of Cornwall, Bovey Basin in Devon and Wareham Basin in Dorset.

Limestone mining search

From the large scale Portland stone mining of Dorset, to limestone mined at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Limestone mining is largely focused in the eastern part of the South West, with localised extraction in places like Plymouth, Devon and Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire.

Bath stone mining search

The elegant City of Bath is a testament to the mining that created the Georgian façade, so recognised and cherished today.

Bath stone is a type of limestone exploited since Roman times. Bath stone was heavily mined until the late 1900s in and around the city, and as far as Corsham, Bradford-on-Avon and Westwood in Wiltshire.

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