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Do you need a site investigation?

Your mining search recommends further action, a shaft or depression has opened up in your garden, or there are signs of subsidence on your property?

Why use us?

Our skilled team provide clear, concise and accurate information.

We carry out investigations using our bespoke GIS (geographical information systems) and survey tools with up to 1cm accuracy, helping find recorded features quickly and log unrecorded features precisely and efficiently.

We pride ourselves on our communication skills during the investigation and will help in any way we can.

Why have a site investigation?

Site investigations are often needed to satisfy planning or mortgage conditions. If you live in an area where mining risk is present, any of the following bodies can request an investigation:

  • Planning/Building Control
  • NHBC (National House Building Council)
  • Mortgage lenders
  • Insurance claims
  • Purchaser/seller and legal advisors

Alternatively, you may choose to have your property investigated for your own peace of mind.

trenching graphic

Trenching investigation

  • Suitable for vacant/open sites
  • Gives continuous visible ground conditions
  • Informs on Phase 2 contaminated land assessment
drilling graphic

Drilling investigation

  • Effective beneath buildings and where access is restricted
  • 10cm (4inch) angled boreholes
  • Minimum disruption compared to other forms of investigation
foundation inspection graphic

Foundation inspection

  • Suitable for Building Control, NHBC, building warranties or development finance
  • Carried out by our qualified and experienced geologist/mining engineer
  • Looking for signs of mining activity and potentially unstable ground
remediation graphic


  • Protection measures
  • Ground replacement
  • Structural solutions
contaminated land graphic

Contaminated land

  • Phase 1 – Desktop study
  • Phase 2 – Site sampling and results analysis
  • Phase 3 – Remediation strategy
  • Phase 4 – Remediation inspection
contaminated land graphic

Mining Risk Assessment

  • Aims to identify mining related ground instability with potential to impact the property valuation.
  • Considers not just any built structures but the whole of the property and site.
  • The Site Inspection is conducted by one of Mining Searches UK’s trained and vastly experienced geologists.

To talk to one of our geologists, or book a site investigation