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Is your property threatened by mining instability? Do you have a problem affecting your property or land?

Our team of specialists have a remediation scheme to assist you.

Once the extent of the mine workings are known, we can discuss various methods of remediation.

  1. Protection measures – include fencing a mine shaft, fitting protective grills preventing access to tunnels and adding geotextile reinforced soils over workings.
  2. Ground replacement – can be as simple as re-filling a shallow surface pit with a suitable material, or various types of grouting of sub-surface mine workings.
  3. Structural solutions – such as mass concrete plugging and reinforced concrete capping.

Mass concrete plugging

Mass concrete plug designs are provided by Mining Searches UK.

Our designs are accepted by local authorities, NHBC, building control and others.

We work with a number of experienced mining remediation contractors to carry out the securing works under our supervision.

Is a building or other structure affected by mine workings?

We liaise with structural engineers to agree a suitable remediation scheme.