A city undermined in need of a mining search

Regulated Mining search – clear concise reports within 2-3 days. Expedited service available

Do you need a mining search?

We offer Mining Searches for:

  • Coal mining
  • Metalliferous mining (including tin)
  • China and ball clay mining
  • Limestone mining
  • Bath stone mining
  • Fullers Earth mining
  • Chalk mining (including deneholes/chalkwells)

Does your property lie in an area affected by more than one type of mining? Our combined reports are a cost effective option.

What you can expect from us

  • Quick turnaround time – your mining search report back within 2 to 3 working days, with the option of our expedited service to meet your time constraints
  • Experience – providing solutions since 1978
  • Nationwide coverage – we hold an extensive mining archive for England and Wales
  • Professional Indemnity cover of £10 million – we are covered
  • Interpretation by our historical mining team – specialist teams of geologists, historians, archaeologists, mining engineers, historical geographers, archivists

What’s included:

  • A regulated mining search
  • Front page summary
  • Clear and concise report writing
  • A plan showing the property in relation to mining
  • Professional opinion of the mining data

Unsure of the mining in your area?

For more information or to order a mining search

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