A city undermined in need of a mining search

Regulated Mining search – clear concise reports within 2-3 days. Expedited service available

Do you need a mining search?

Check out our new products GeoRisk and GeoRisk +.  Which launched on the 7th September. For more information visit:  www.groundsure.com/products/georisk

We offer Mining Searches for:

  • Coal mining – CON29M report and GeoRisk +
  • Metalliferous mining (including tin)
  • Regulated Stone
  • GeoRisk includes all the mining reports previously available separately such as Regulated Bathstone, Regulated Fullers Earth, Regulated Chalk, Regulated Limestone, Regulated Slate, Regulated China and Ball Clay, Regulated Sandstone, Regulated Evaporites, Regulated Flint and Regulated Hydrocarbon.

Does your property lie in an area affected by more than one type of mining? Our combined reports are a cost effective option.

What you can expect from us

  • Quick turnaround time – your mining search report back within 2 to 3 working days, with the option of our expedited service to meet your time constraints
  • Experience – providing solutions since 1978
  • Nationwide coverage – we hold an extensive mining archive for England and Wales
  • Professional Indemnity cover of £10 million – we are covered
  • Interpretation by our historical mining team – specialist teams of geologists, historians, archaeologists, mining engineers, historical geographers, archivists

What’s included:

  • A regulated mining search
  • Front page summary
  • Clear and concise report writing
  • A plan showing the property in relation to mining
  • Professional opinion of the mining data

Unsure of the mining in your area?

For more information or to order a mining search

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