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Passionate about rocks and mining in the South West and nationwide. Our geology team are proud to help homeowners with solutions to mining issues; and ensure developments are safe from mining, contamination and ground stability problems.

We embrace new technology, we innovate and provide a market leading service.

Giles Maund

Giles Maund


Giles’ interest in geology and mining started at an early age whilst growing up in Cornwall.

After he graduated he spent two years working in gold mines across Africa and South America.

Upon returning home Giles spent time as a chef before returning to geology with Mining Searches UK.

Qualifications: BSc Geology, Royal Holloway University of London

Fun fact: Giles can’t eat a pasty without brown sauce…much to the dismay of some colleagues!

Ryan Hichens

Ryan Hichens


After completing a degree in Applied Geology at the Camborne School of mines, Ryan started his career in Geology exploring for tin deposits in mid Cornwall. He has since become completely obsessed with all things mining and can often be found searching for minerals. His collection is, much to the annoyance of his girlfriend, taking over the house.

Ryan branched out into the world of Geotechnical Engineering in the busy streets of London. Whilst there he gained a valuable insight into the importance of ground condition’s in relation to building stability.

Ryan also has a love of sports and likes to keep active by cycling and playing tennis. Afternoon strolls along Cornwall’s coast paths are also a favoured pastime especially with the promise of a late night summer sunset.

Qualifications: BSc Applied Geology, Camborne School of Mines

Fun fact: Although mining may have long ceased in Cornwall Ryan constructed his own furnace to smelt cassiterite in his back garden.

Aaron Moyle

Aaron Moyle


From ‘the Cornish Alps’, St Austell, Aaron graduated in geology specialising in structural geology.

Mining is in his blood, with both grandfathers working in mines. At Castle An Dinas Wolfram Mine and South Crofty Mine.

Qualifications: MSc Geology, University of Southampton

Fun fact: Aaron enjoys bodyboarding and spear fishing.

Becky Hocking

Becky Hocking


With childhood camping holidays spent searching for fossils on the Isle of Wight, it seemed inevitable that Becky would follow in her parent’s footsteps and begin a career in Geology. After starting at Mining Searches UK shortly after graduating she is excited to continue her career in Cornwall, particularly in something that forms such a large part of our heritage.

Becky loves exploring the Cornish coastline by both walking and kayaking. She also enjoys sport and has been playing netball for over 10 years.

Qualifications: BSc Geography with Geology, University of Southampton.

Fun fact: As a child, Becky once got embarrassed on a family holiday when her Dad handed a recently discovered coprolite (fossilized poo) to Colin Jackson.

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