Drilling investigation

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For areas of restricted access, creating minimal disruption.

Drill holes are angled to provide information beneath a building and to assess surface and near surface ground conditions.

Boreholes 10cm (4’’) in diameter are drilled into the ground, returning pulverised rock and dust fragments by compressed air.

Some noise and dust are created.

What to expect

Equipment and personnel

  • Three vehicles
  • Three personnel: a geologist, a qualified driller and a driller’s second man
  • A trailer including a drill rig (see diagram for sizes) and power pack
  • A compressor
drilling rig dimensions
Section view of drilling under a property

Section view of drilling under a property

Plan view of staggered drilling either side of a property

Plan view of staggered drilling either side of a property


The location of overhead and underground services (such as gas, electricity and water) are assessed to avoid damage during investigation.

A series of boreholes are drilled. We interpret the drill speed, hammer rate, air flush and returns to give us an understanding of the ground conditions.

After each hole is completed, it is infilled and sealed.

A written report is produced within 2 working days, depending on the complexity of the site.

Our reports include plans, cross sections and borehole logs. Clear advice is provided if mining features are encountered.

To talk to our geologists about, or request a drilling investigation

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