About Mining Searches UK

Our Vision

To be the principal Mining Search provider in the UK.


Providing you with our clear and concise reports:

  • Interpreted by our team of specialists – historians, geologists, archaeologists, mining engineers, historical geographers and archivists
  • From our extensive nationwide mining archive
  • With our advanced technologies, search bundles and report layouts. We are always innovating
  • By building on the confidence and trust placed on us by our clients
Paul Raglan managing director

Paul Raglan

Managing Director

A geologist, Paul has over 28 years’ experience providing mining risk reports nationwide.

Paul can be found talking at industry conferences, providing ‘deeper mining insight’ into work we carry out, and acting as an expert witness, where his specialist capabilities are required.

Paul advises leading conveyancing companies and providers, with a focus on a client need for concise focused mining risk assessments.

Proud of his award winning company and team, Paul drives forward with his enthusiasm, innovation and vision.


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