Mining Searches UK working with Groundsure to deliver official CON29M coal mining search

Working with the UK’s leading provider of environmental search reports, Groundsure, Mining Searches UK is pleased to announce the launch of the Groundsure Official CON29M Coal Mining Report to the UK property market. The clear, concise and comprehensive report uses official data licensed from the Coal Authority, interpreted and analysed by Mining Searches UK’s team of trusted, industry experts.


Offering both commercial and residential reports, the Groundsure CON29M Official Coal Mining Search answers all the 11 questions requested in the Law Society Guidance Notes (2018), along with the 14 required for commercial property transactions, and has additional information available should a property fall within the Cheshire Brine Compensation District.

Offering unrivalled data analysis, the report offers protection and security via a comprehensive £100k Coal Search Report Insurance Policy, while also providing clear and focused risk advice and next step recommendations – supporting transaction progression and competition.

The report’s easy to understand format also means that information is accessible and understandable to everyone involved in a transaction, as well as being designed for fast and effective interpretation, enabling a clearer workflow and smarter decision-making process. To help further minimise risk, the report also includes £10m Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Paul Raglan, Managing Director, Mining Searches UK said: “Mining Searches UK is delighted to work with Groundsure, which has delivered an official CON29M coal mining report to the UK property market. Our combined expertise, knowledge and data, means that conveyancers and their clients will benefit from an incredibly clear, accurate and comprehensive report – interpreted and analysed by a team of trusted industry experts.”

Why investigate coal mining risk?

The history of coal mining in the UK has resulted in a potential risk of coal-mining related ground subsidence in areas affected. In 2000, the Law Society produced the CON29M form to assist solicitors in identifying issues relating to coal mining. Law Society Guidance Notes (2018) states that a CON29M Report is a mandatory requirement for property and land purchased in coal mining areas.

An in-house team of expert environmental specialists at Groundsure and geologists at Mining Searches UK can be contacted to discuss any questions from either the search provider, solicitor or purchaser.

The report is set to be launched from 11th February 2019. For more information visit: