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Coal, one of the most exploited resources in the UK, has been mined from major reserves in Lancashire, East and West Midlands, North and South Wales, Durham, Yorkshire, Northumberland and Kent. With smaller reserves in Bideford.

The coal risk

Coal has been extracted for thousands of years, with its growth through the industrial revolution and peak in the early 20th century – having a major role in fuelling the nation during its unparalleled growth.

Leaving a legacy of risk – such as, mine entries; shafts and portals, shallow underground workings and subsidence claims.

The Coal Authority data

Following months of processing and interpreting a mountain of official licenced Coal Authority data, which covers nearly 30,000 km² of the UK, we have created a new Regulated Coal Mining Search.

Using the same data for our search as The Coal Authority use – including datasets such as mine entries and claims – we assess the coal mining risk and add an opinion and recommendations.

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