Regulated Mining Searches

You may have noticed that our mining searches are now COPSO regulated. What does this mean for our reports and ultimately our clients?

Mining Searches UK is an associate member of the Council of Property Search Organisations (COPSO) the trade association of the property search industry. COPSO was founded to drive forward quality standards within the property search industry by providing benchmarked requirements that its members must prove they either meet or exceed. The Organisation’s members produce 80%, by volume, of all property searches in the UK market.

All of COPSO’s members subscribe to a code of practice known as the Search Code. The Code provides protection for those who rely on the information included in property search reports by setting standards and promoting best practice – which ultimately gives consumers confidence in COPSO members’ reports.

Mining Searches UK have played a crucial role in developing COPSO’s Mining Compliance Notes, which all COPSO registered mining search providers must adhere to. These Notes ensure that Members’ meet the necessary data standards to produce an accurate and reliable report.

The Property Codes Compliance Board, an independent compliance body, keep a register of all subscribing firms which is available at

We are proud of our membership of COPSO and our commitment to our customers through the Search Code. Our clear, concise and regulated reports provide the solution to your mining search needs.